Virgo daily horoscope for november 29 2019

A danger of unfortunate accidents or cuts during sports activities. What should they be wary of?

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Not to wastefully disperse their strength due to their lack of organized mental life and a wealth of innate abilities. For they can achieve success thanks to a skillful use of their talents. Women born today are excellent wives and wise housewives, mothers filled with love. Their souls is always full of hope, sensitive and merciful, attached to the quiet joys of family life. You are that kind person who makes a difference today. Virgo, putting things into perspective may require taking time to do something nice for yourself.

What do you need to do that you've been neglecting? Get it on the calendar and do it.

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Libra, the past becomes more pleasant as each day moves forward. The only thing is you can't change the direction of time so press on. Scorpio, someone you care about may miss the sound of your voice.

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Call a friend today. Take time to reach out to friends, and don't let too much time go by without connecting with people who have helped you along your journey. Sagittarius, working things into existence can take extra time and care. You may find yourself extra productive and busy today.

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The results of your efforts speak volumes and others see your expertise in a new light. Capricorn, it may feel as thought a new path is opening up for you and it's time to try something that you've never done. Test the waters out and learn a bit about what you're being invited to do. Aquarius, a project ends this week but now a new one manifests into your life. Put your heart into what you do and the time will fly with you feeling successful, too. Pisces, a decision about love can come up today.


You may realize that you have more to do to prepare your heart for a big change, but it's one that you'll feel good about. Follow Us.

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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Ignore what other people say you should be doing and follow the dictates of your heart. There is no point blaming yourself for some kind of mistake or mishap. The fact is you were not the only one involved so there is no reason why you should be the fall guy. As with success, failure should always be shared around. You must seek assistance from people who know what they are doing. Yes, you can push ahead on your own if you like but if you do it will be a matter of hours before you reach some sort of mental or physical barrier.

Get help! A work colleague is leading you a bit of a dance at the moment and you are getting close to the point where you might lose your temper.

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You may be finding it hard to get a straight answer out of certain people but why let it bother you? Ignore them today and do your own thing. Now you know what they are really like you can take steps to avoid them. You may not be pleased that someone is maybe a bit more vocal than necessary in their criticism of you but nevertheless what they say has relevance, so listen and learn to do better next time. You are trying too hard to prove yourself to people who at most times of the year you would simply ignore. If you push yourself beyond your natural limits it could lead to failure, so slow down a bit and find your natural rhythm.

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  5. Yes, some of their warnings may be valid but doubts and fears and obstacles are there to be overcome, and no one is as positive attitude-wise as you. Go for it Sag! Just because someone in a position of authority is critical of what you are up to does not mean you should stop. Try to laugh at what happens today, even though on a surface level it may seem very serious indeed.